I have been photographing most of my adult life – and just for fun. I started with film and have had many different cameras. I moved into the digital world via Epson and Sony – and went on for many years with Nikon – as a first mover.

Gradually I started to realize that the latest version of a camera was not that important – that few buttons were better than many – that all kind of special features took over the process capturing the motive it self.

Consequently I moved into the minimalistic World of Leica – initially with M8 and a 35mm Summilux lens. Time went by and suddenly I had started a small collection of cameras and lenses – cameras ranging from 1932 to 2009 – film and digital – and lenses ranging from 1935 to 2012.

The Leica family I supplement with a strong zoom camera, and obviously my phone – also a Hero for fun and underwater shooting.

I prefer black and white along with colourful and dramatic clouds, mountains and sunsets. As for indoor motives I have difficulties passing a church without entering for a look for motives. Street photography is always a good challenge – likewise getting close to animals.

I hope you will like some of my photos – please feel free to comment and share on social medias if you like.



Svend Strunge


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